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I love to tell my clients that the only place failure is actually success is in the gym.  You are on your 9th rep, and you just….can’t….get….one….more….and you are spent.  You’ve reached failure.  That’s great!  You’ve given it your all!  You’ve left it all on the gym floor.

But really, failure is actually success in the “real” world too, IF you learn from it.  IF you use it as a chance to “Do Over”.

I just read a fabulous post about second chances, and how we can look at our mistakes to move forward and improve our lives.  I’m including it here for you to read  —-but I want to share the highlights.   Because whether we regret a mistake that hurts ourselves or someone else….or we can’t live the (fit) life we want because of past mistakes—we ALL need to be able to give ourselves a second chance.

The author, Judy Belmont, says we should all have a “second chance checklist”–and I’m applying it to healthy living.

1.  Turn unproductive regrets into productive regrets.  

—You regret overeating all weekend, but Monday is a new day…let it begin with a healthy breakfast.  You were too busy last week to exercise, so this week, put it in your calendar.

2. The more wrong turns you made in retrospect, you increase the odds that your future choices will be more informed.

—-We become better advocates of our own health when we learn what does and doesn’t work for us.  You know that trying the latest fad diet won’t last—been there, done that.  Perhaps you can choose to educate yourself about the local gym’s class schedule to choose a place you’ll want to be—because you know buying yet another piece of gym equipment for the basement isn’t getting you to use it.

3. Ask yourself – Did I do the best I could at the time?  Undoubtedly, the answer will be “yes!” 

—The author says, “Unhealthy people make unhealthy decisions and behave in an unhealthy way.  People do not intentionally make self- defeating decisions.  So consider it a noble effort to try your best, even if your best felt short and was misguided.”  I agree!!!!  Start small, because baby steps towards a healthy life are steps in the right direction!

4. Moving from regrets is a ripe opportunity to work on the ability to forgive.  

—-”A lack of forgiveness for oneself or others is one of the most common reasons for depression, anxiety and interpersonal conflict.”  We hold ourselves to such high standards, we often create unrealistic goals.  If  your reunion passed withOUT you losing the 20 pounds you had planned, stop beating yourself up.  NOW you begin a new goal…a smaller, more manageable goal that you can plan and strive for.

Give yourself a second chance.  A healthy life isn’t something reserved for the rich, or people with more time than you, or someone who knows more about exercise, or diet.  A healthy life is YOURS if you want it bad enough, and you are willing to move past your failures.

See Belmont’s post at:


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