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My Family

So who am I?  I won’t bore you with the minutia….but let’s say, like most, I wear many hats.  I’m a mom, a wife, a former TV reporter, a “gym rat”, and bit of a social butterfly.  I love to be around people, it’s how I get my energy.   Sure, I like my quiet time, but given the choice between a Saturday night in, or a movie and dinner with friends, I’m putting on my sparkly sweater and going out!   I am a morning person, but it took me years to become one.  My favorite place on earth is the beach.  ANY beach.  I love spending time with my boys (15 and 19) even though as teenagers, they don’t always want to spend time with me.

But why does who I am matter to anyone who would want to train with me?  This is, after all, a blog about Living Your Fit Life, not Cathy McDougall 101.  It matters, because to me, personal training is just that.  PERSONAL.  I get to know you, you get to know me.  I get to know that you hate reps and sets, but you love fast paced movement.  I learn that your spouse “loves you like you are” and doesn’t want you to change, so those 20 pounds aren’t coming off like you want them to.   You discover that I’m a talker, which can either distract you from those last four squats, or make you crazy enough to do them so I’ll just shut up!

Every day I try to live my own fit life.   I watch what I eat, I exercise six days a week, I don’t eat junk food, and I love how I feel when my workout is done for the day.   You need to know that, because it’s what I want for all my clients.  I want them to feel strong, powerful, healthy and happy.   I want them to wake up with enough energy for a new day.  We’ll share that energy with each other—and get stronger for it.


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