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Seven things NOT to say to yourself

Do you talk to yourself?  Does your self talk back?  We usually have a running dialogue with our “inner self”, and sometimes, that “inner”, isn’t very nice.  In fact, he or she can be down right mean!  Self talk can be a great motivator when you are trying to change or achieve something in your life.  ”You can do it”, “You’ll be great”!  If only we talked like that to ourselves all the time, I bet most of us would find success a bit easier to come by.

But it’s the “boy, are you stupid”, or the “you loser” that can derail us.  Especially when it comes from inside.  Our moms told us to “Be nice” when we were kids….good advice to our inner voice.  So here’s some things NOT to say to yourself as you live your own fit life.

  1. I’m so stupid.  No, YOU are not.  What you DID may have been stupid—locking your keys in the car for the third time in one day. (WHO would do that, I wonder…hmmmmm,)  But YOU are not.  You are better than your actions.
  2. I’m too Whatever—fat, thin, old, etc.  Those are words that basically say you don’t think you fit into a “norm”.  Too old to go back to college, BAH!  Too young to start your own business—think Facebook.  You have to believe that you can do or be anything without putting a label on yourself.
  3. It’s too hard.  I let my clients whine when they don’t particularly like an exercise, then I smile, and say “Ok, let’s go!”, and we do it anyway.  So go ahead and whine, but things with great rewards are supposed to be hard.  It’s called reality.
  4. I can’t do it.  I truly can’t swim as fast as Michael Phelps.  Nor can I sing like Mariah Carey.  Those are unrealistic expectations, and setting a goal to do those would be pretty unrealistic as well.  So your goals need to be realistic.  If you don’t feel as though you workout to a level you’d like, hire a trainer.  Find someone to push you.  Make your goals SMART:  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.
  5. I’ll probably fail.  That’s just your inner voice calling you a coward.  There is risk in everything we do in life, from walking across the street to falling in love.  Failure is a learning tool.  Sure, it’s frightening, and can sometimes hurt a lot.  The hard part is getting back up from failure, but when you do, you are a little bit stronger and smarter.
  6. I have bad luck.  I’m not superstitious.  I believe we create our own GOOD luck by surrounding ourselves with positive people, keeping an open mind, and being willing to take risks.  There’s no “karmic force” conspiring to make our lives more difficult.  Bad luck could just be a small failure—see number 5!
  7. I don’t deserve it (the goal).  If you are working hard towards a goal, making sacrifices, learning, growing and trying…OF COURSE you deserve it!  You deserve a paycheck for working 40 hours a week, don’t you?  Then why wouldn’t you deserve to live fitter, be stronger, make more money, be happier?  You deserve a reward for your hard work.  Choose your reward.  Now get to work!

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