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I often feel overwhelmed by all the dieting advice we are bombarded with every day.  Google “diet”–and you get 587,000,000 results.  Google “eating healthy”, and you get 32,500,000 results.  Do we really need that much information about how and what to eat?  Isn’t this something humans have been doing since they were tracking down mastodons?  It’s amazing how complicated we’ve made healthy eating.

Obviously we have more choices, and more complicated lives than our caveman ancestors.  But what to eat has not changed that much.  If it grazes, or grows from the ground, it’s good for you.  If it comes in a box, probably not.  Oh, and if your food rhymes or has a cute name…it’s not a food.  Think “ho ho”, and “ring ding”, “pop tart” and “twinkie”.

I don’t push or endorse any one kind of diet to my clients.  I do see many of them have great success with Weight Watchers, in part because the program truly seems to teach HOW to eat, not just WHAT to eat.  I applaud that.  But in my opinion, the best diet is simply one that makes sense…it’s one that we learn in elementary school when we learn the food pyramid.

Eat lean proteins like fish, chicken and (grass-fed) beef.  Eat your fruits, vegetables and dairy.  Add nuts to your diet.  Look for 100-percent whole grain products.

It sounds simple, but I understand that it’s not.  In our busy lives, it’s difficult to work, raise children and then put together a healthy meal for families on the go.  But too often we replace common sense with convenience.  We grab a box of crackers and a soda for a snack.  We throw together macaroni and cheese and call it a meal.

So as you think about your meals, let me give you some food for thought.  Are you filling your plate with food that had few processing steps to get to your plate?  Broccoli does.  A granola bar and pretzels do not.  If it comes in a box it has some been through some type of processing.  Our bodies don’t need the preservatives, the fat, sodium or calories.  Think farm to fork.  It’s not possible every day.  But small changes can become big healthy habits.

And back to food that rhymes.  I loved Ring Dings as a child.  But at over 330 calories a serving with 34 grams of sugar, I think they’re more fun to say than eat.

We all have an inner “rule book” we try to live by.  Some of us bend the rules, sometimes we break them….but it’s basically our own personal roadmap of how we live.  I’m sharing mine with you simply to show you what I have found works for me.  I’m not saying it’s the best….it’s just my rule book.

I try to live by the 80/20 rule.  Eighty percent of the time I eat clean, exercise regularly, and get my necessary eight hours of sleep.  The other twenty percent I live a little.  Truly, what’s the point of  living your fit life, it you can’t live your FUN life as well?

So here’s how I treat and train myself.  It’s not for everyone, but it’s what works for me.

  • Exercise six days a week.  For me, it’s generally in the gym.  NO EXCUSES.  I don’t let myself slack off.  Period.
  • Eat breakfast every single day.   Even if I had a big meal the night before.  I truly believe it sets my eating up right for the entire day.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours.  I’m a big believer in snacking.  The right snacks, of course.  But it’s constant fuel, and I am less likely to make mistakes when I’m starving.
  • Eating out is not an excuse to overeat.  You can enjoy a restaurant meal to your liking if you aren’t afraid to just ASK!
  • Alcohol in moderation.  Enough said.
  • Go to bed.  I aim for eight hours of sleep a night.  It means my 15-year old is up after me, but I know what I’m like without my eight.
  • Shop the outside aisles of the grocery store.  I buy very few items that are boxed or packaged.  If it doesn’t grow from the ground, or graze, it’s probably not healthy.

It all works about eighty percent of the time.  The other twenty–well, if it’s a well deserved chocolate chip cookie—leave me alone!

So enough about me…stay tuned!  Look for my Monday motivations….and Nutrition news on Wednesdays.

And if you stop in….could you share YOUR personal philosophy with me?  I would love to hear it!


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