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There are days my clients don’t like me.   They have never said so, but I can tell.   They don’t want to do what I’m telling them to do, and they don’t want hear what I’m saying.   That’s ok.  I get it.  There’s days when I don’t like me either.   My inner voice sometimes annoys me, “Seriously, you want to eat THAT?”

But on the days that my clients DO as I ask, LISTEN to my advice, and ASK for help—I know they get it.   Those are the successful days that translate into successful clients.  Those successes are as individual as the client…some want to lose weight, others want better range of motion, some want to be stronger.

So what is a successful client?   Notice I said “successful”, not “ideal”.   They’re different.   Trainers would have a blast with an “ideal” client.   But we celebrate, and endure with our successful clients.   The dictionary defines ideal as “a standard of perfection or excellence.”   That’s the client that shows up on time, gives 100 percent every time, never complains, never has a setback, never quits.   That client also doesn’t exist.

Our successful clients are our “in the trench warriors”.   They show up to their appointments (yes, on time) with the right attitude.   It’s an attitude that says to me, “Even though I’m tired now, or stressed, maybe even cranky—I’m ready to do this.  I’m ready to put it all aside and get to work”.

Successful clients are committed.  To their gym time, to their bodies, to their health.   They make themselves a priority.

Successful clients do their homework.   If you spend three hours a week with me, you have 165 hours left to live your fit life.  What you do at home matters JUST AS MUCH as what you do in the gym with me!

Successful clients want to learn.   They want to know how macronutrients affect their bodies.  They want new recipes to try at home.  They are eager to try a new exercise that works for their fitness level.   They want to learn what will help them reach their goal.

I love to celebrate the little successes as well as the big ones.   My clients may not always like me, but they know I’m going to be there to recognize and celebrate success with them.


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