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When Quitting IS an Option

You’ve heard the expression, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”….and I generally believe that’s  true.  But sometimes, winners DO quit—in fact, smart winners quit in smart ways, and I’m not talking about giving up.

A smart winner quits when his or her current plan or program isn’t working.  Have you ever been to a gym and seen the same members on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour…day after day, week after week, and it seems like their bodies never change?   It’s because their cardio program isn’t working.   Their bodies are doing ONLY what is asked of them, nothing more.  Day after day, those bodies are used to that cardio program and will only expend enough energy (calories) to get the work done on that day.  Again, nothing more.   Those members need to shake things up!

If you find that the “diet of the week” isn’t working for you any more—you are tired of the same foods, you are not losing weight, you are always hungry, it’s time to “quit” that program and find something that works better for YOU.  Find a healthy, intelligent way to eat that works for YOU, and quit following the most recent fad.

If you’ve been going to the gym for a few weeks or months, you probably found that at first you were sore, and probably excited about all the new things you were learning. You probably started noticing changes in your body if you’ve been sticking with your exercise program.  But as time goes on, and your body gets used to those new demands you’ve put on it, it’s going to start only expending as much energy as it needs to, nothing more.  You may notice your weight plateaus, or you are not putting on muscle, or getting stronger.  It’s time to “quit” that program, and start shaking things up!   Add a Zumba class, try some high-energy plyometric moves, change the weights you are using.   You want to constantly keep your body guessing, so it has to work harder to keep up !

Quitting IS an option when you are not seeing results—but make sure you replace your old program with a new, fresh, challenging one….and you’ll get the results you want!


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