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See Through Snacks

The next time you return from the grocery store with your fresh fruits and veggies, put  them in a see-through bowl on the first or second shelf of your refrigerator.  Or leave them in that clear bowl as you watch TV, or read a book.  You’ll be more likely to eat them.

That’s  from  —and it’s just further proof that to eat well, you need to arm yourself well.   sums it up:

“College students wishing to eat healthier may want to invest in a clear fruit bowl says a recent article published in Environment and Behavior (published by SAGE). The new study found that when fruits and vegetables are within arm’s reach, students are more likely to eat them. Furthermore, making fruit and vegetables more visible increases the intake of fruit, but the same does not hold true for vegetables.

Researchers Gregory J. Privitera and Heather E. Creary tested a total of 96 college students by placing apple slices and carrot cuts in either clear or opaque bowls at a table close to the participants or at a table two meters away. Participants watched as the food was taken out of its packaging and were told that they were welcome to eat it.

After leaving the students alone with the food for ten minutes, the researchers found that when apples and carrots were left close to the participants, those healthy foods were more likely to be eaten. Interestingly, making the food more visible to participants by placing them in clear bowls increased the intake of the apples but not the carrots. The researchers explained that this might be due to the fact that fruit is sweeter and may induce more motivation to eat than bitter-tasting vegetables.”

Leave a piece of pie, or birthday cake, or a plate of cookies on a table, and I’ll bet those college kids eat those too!  This isn’t a real newsflash–but think common sense!  Clean your cupboards and fridge of the JUNK…and leave the healthy treats where you can see them…so you’ll eat them!

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