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A Friend’s Motivation

Where do you go for motivation?   Who do you turn to when you need someone to lift you up, cheer you up, or inspire you?   My friend  is my “go to guy”.  He’s a fellow trainer, and has such an amazing ability to inspire.   There have been many days when I didn’t feel like working out, but he somehow gives me the energy to try harder.   He’s had a few hard knocks in life, and knows what it’s like to struggle.   He listens, understands and cheers me up.  With his permission, I’m sharing an email he sent to the trainers at the Hockessin Athletic Club where we work.  HAC is currently undergoing an expansion for Personal Training—and Willie is excited about it.  As we all are.  But I LOVE how it’s not about HIM—it’s about how to create a great TEAM!


“First, Happy Spring!!

Secondly, I wanted to say thanks to you all for your “awesomeness!”  I feel very privileged to work with and know some of the best trainers ANYWHERE!! And a little shout out to our equally awesomer place of getting our sweat on, the HAC daddy!!

I’m sure you guys know I’m excited beyond belief about our new space and the opportunities to elevate our game to way next level. I’m equally as sure that all the hopes and dreams of what we all want and expect are never going to match up 100%, and that’s ok. Somewhat. I’ll spare you my big rah rah speech and just throw out a couple out thoughts.

Teams are funny, they bring together people who under any other circumstances, wouldn’t know each other, much less hang out with, or even take the time to get to know. So when you end up on one, whether by choice, or circumstance, it requires some kind of bonding agent. Whether the forming of the team is by “executive” order, ie; pulled together to work on a project, positions on those kinds of teams are based on factors such as experience, seniority, need, volunteer & appointment. And we all know how sports teams work, same for military teams and the concepts of teams within the teams itself shouldn’t be a surprise. The thing those kinds of teams share is their duration, most are short term, course of season, wrap up of project, mission accomplished, goal reached.

This is where we are different. Our Team is absolutely the best kind of team there is. We are living breathing ever evolving ever adapting always learning ass kicking agents of inspiration and change!  Our “mission” never ends! Our goal is universal!  We are some of the best at what we do in a whole State!!!

So here’s my thing– the other thing all teams have in common, especially the kind I (we) aspire to be apart of, (think World Class) is sacrifice. The scary word. Nobody likes it, but we all do it and take pride in it when it comes to what we decide we can live with, or without. But here’s the rub, good teams also require (and I said good/WC) the ultimate level of sacrifice. Think Spock in Wrath of Khan, “Sometimes the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few” (I’m sure I’m off by a word or two) and if we are going to be the gold standard, then let’s blow the doors off this thing! The new space is going to rock!! There is nothing else like it anywhere!!  HAC is about to blow up! This is serious ALL-IN time.

And as much as we are all soooo individual in our personal lives, the way we eat, train, stretch, favorite exercise, et al; we all have equally strong opinions and ideas and aren’t the least bit shy about voicing them. I’m going to say this with all the love and courage I can muster, we have to trust our leaders and put on our grown up UA gear, trainer-up, pitch in, and most importantly, embrace this opportunity with an open mind. IT WILL BE ALL THAT WE MAKE IT!! “

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