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When to Weigh In

I have a client (a guy) that I constantly tease about his “girly” behavior.  No, he’s not wearing skirts or makeup—but he does something most women can relate to.  And he does it almost every day.   He steps on his bathroom scale.  He obsesses about his numbers.  He’s actually a very fit sixty-something gentleman, and has recently lost over 40 pounds, so I can certainly understand where his need to weigh himself all the time comes from.   But seriously.   It can make you crazy!  Do we really NEED to weigh ourselves every day…twice a day…with clothes, without clothes, before our daily…ahem, “constitutional”, after too…..   My goodness, how important IS it to weigh every day?   “That’s Fit” has a great  on the subject—I love sharing great information!

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